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We're going to guess you didn't get here by accident. And probably you already know that:

  • ICF stands for Insulating Concrete Forms
  • Houses built with ICF's have the most energy efficient wall systems that are possible
  • Building with ICF will probably reduce your heating and cooling cost by 50% or so
  • ICF houses are incredibly durable, safe and long lasting
  • Exterior noise reduction is reduced by up to 75%

If you’re like most of our friends and clients, you’re building your dream … this is a road you’ll go down only once. Doing it your way and doing it right has never been more important. You know there is no shortage of products in this market place... but products don't build themselves... if you’re seriously looking at building a more energy efficient and earth-friendly home then you’re on a good path.


Today with the resource issues facing our planet it is imperative that we build homes that require less energy to heat and cool. We have the available technology to do that – and it doesn't cost more. It simply takes education of designers, homeowners and builders. That’s what we do. Energy efficient is no longer a nice-to-have concept. High tech ICF walls have been described as “the thinking man’s adobe.”



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