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AMVIC ICF Advantages For The Builder


Wall Properly Vibrated to Consolidate Concrete Placement
Wall Properly Vibrated to
Consolidate Concrete Placement
Business Builder. Because of its lead in the marketplace and respect in the builder community, contractors who choose Amvic receive leads and business opportunities that come from the AMVIC marketing programs. Building with AMVIC ICF can be a signature element for a builder and a marketing edge. At AMVIC, Builders become partners with our distributors -- we grow together.
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Get Ahead of the Trend — Today over 20% of all houses built in the U.S. will use an exterior shell of concrete rather than wood frame. The growth of ICF is occurring at about 30% per year. If you haven't seen it yet, you will soon.


Versatile System — Flexible Designs -- AMVIC ICF homes can be designed in any style, and will accept any traditional exterior finish including lap siding, stucco, stone and brick. ICF systems accommodate any of today’s most popular design features, such as tall walls, large openings, long floor spans etc. ICF Design Guide


Code-Accepted — Hundreds of thousands of ICF homes have been built throughout the United States. They have proven successful in every region and climate, from Miami to Calgary. ICF systems are accepted by all the major model codes in the U.S. Technical Reports


Fast To Learn & Easy To Use — Although it looks new and different, anyone with construction experience can quickly get up to speed with ICF’s. An ideal crew size is 3-4 men. Once the crew has some practice, each ICF-build home requires less skilled labor and less total labor than a wood-framed home. ICF’s are lightweight, so crews stay fresh through the day. Amvic Pacific's installer training classes give you a fast kick start on the process.


Cost Competitive — While concrete prices have risen, so have all other building materials. And energy prices have risen even more so. As a consequence, ICF concrete construction has become increasingly competitive. Labor savings and readily available materials make ICF’s, feature for feature, one of the most cost competitive wall systems in U.S. housing markets. When annual energy savings of 30-50% are factored in, the economics become compelling.


Basements are Easy. Not only easy, but also they can hold down the cost per square foot for the project and make a project more feasible than might otherwise be the case. The details for waterproofing basements are well established.


AMVIC Specific Advantages Simply put, AMVIC builds the best block on the market. You can build faster, more securely and with less waste with AMVIC than any other ICF. AMVIC forms surpass all of the other forms on the market in terms of precision of manufacture, tightness with which they join, overall strength and resistance to blowout, and ease of assembly into straight and plumb walls. Choosing Amvic blocks result in lower labor, less waste, and more reliable construction process. You make more money plain and simple.


Blowout Resistant. As evidence of the strength of the forms, AMVIC forms were designed to be strong enough to resist blowouts. Amvic has always specifically recommend internal mechanical vibration for proper concrete consolidation. The blocks have 865 pounds per square foot of capacity or "blowout resistance". Experienced ICF builders have found that AMVIC cuts days of labor off of their projects