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Amvic FormLock™ straight block 4", 6" & 8" 48" long by 16" high with a concrete core of 4, 6, or 8 inches respectively.   2 1/2 inches of EPS foam in each side produces an overall thickness of 9, 11 or 13" respectively.  
Amvic FormLock™ 90-degree corner blocks, 4", 6" & 8"    
Amvic FormLock™ 45-degree corner blocks, 4", 6" & 8"    
Amvic FormLock™ straight block, 10" 48" long by 24" high with a concrete core of 10 inches and an overall thickness of 15".  
Amvic FormLock™ 90-degree corner blocks, 10"    
Amvic corner rods 9'3 square hollow polypropylene tubes that are inserted in each corner of Amvic blocks  
Amvic Brickledge block Used to extend out support at a block line to provide a base upon which to support the installation of brick above  
Amvic curved block (custom order to your radius)    
V-Buck vinyl buck system- standard A cost effective vinyl extrusion system that is an alternative to pressure treated wood to frame out door and window openings and provide a fastening system into which to attach doors and windows www.vbuck.com
V-Buck vinyl buck custom rounds & shapes Special order shapes, rounds, half rounds, quarter rounds, ovals, etc. of virtually any size.  They are pre bent at the factory in Utah and direct shipped to your site fully assembled and ready for installation.  www.vbuck.com
Lite-Deck elevated concrete floor system A system for creating a raised concrete floor where the beams supporting the concrete deck are formed out of concrete and rebar and poured at the same time as the deck.  The forming system is an EPS form, that stays in place after the floor is poured and insulates the floor and provides an attaching system for sheetrock.  Radiant heating tubes can be installed in the deck.   www.litedeck.com
Insul-Deck elevated concrete floor system Similar to above, with variation. www.insul-deck.org
Reechcraft Paneljack Professional ICF alignment bracing An excellent alignment bracing system that uses an aluminum strongback  to reduce per brace weight.  The adjustable kicker and footboard support are made of steel.  Braces of 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20' height are available as well as specialized corner braces.  Each brace is 3 pieces and weighs about 50lbs. www.reechcraft.com
Amvic Plumwall Pro ICF alignment bracing A collapsible all steel bracing system that can be adjusted from the scaffold platform by a single person.  Each brace is a single piece and weighs about 75 lbs.   
Amvic Straightwall ICF alignment bracing Similar to above, but requires two persons to adjust.  
ICF Top Plate Sill Gasket A closed cell foam product with a rubberized adhesive membrane on the bottom that is designed to be used between the concrete at the top of an ICF wall and the top plate (mudsill).

Spec sheet

ICF EPS foam guns    
ICF EPS foam-filler/adhesive    
ICF EPS foam cleaner    
ICF hot knife kits    
AquaSeal Eco-Flex liquid-applied ICF waterproofing  


Polyguard 650LT ICF-certified waterproofing sheet membrane  

Spec sheet

ProtectoWrap ProtectoDrain 2000 foundation dimple drain board  

Spec sheet

ProtectoWrap BT20 ICF adhesive window flashing  

Spec sheet

Hitachi Rebar Bender Cutter  

Grappler plates for ICF    
ICF rasp for EPS foam, flat    
ICF rasp for EPS foam, curved for corner bullnose    
Lathe-Lock washers ... for attaching metal lathe to ICF using flat head screws