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Amvic Pacific is in the business of learning and applying the building technologies that best achieve a substantial energy efficient and green building envelope. In this single minded pursuit the products we carry is a dynamic list growing at an almost daily basis. Our method is not to lay out a thousand products and ask “which one do you need”.


We will work with you to tailor the building envelope solution that meets your particular projects needs.


Below, we highlight technologies we work with and truly believe in!


The Amvic Building System is an innovative construction technique, combining one of the best insulating materials, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) with one of the strongest structural building materials, steel reinforced concrete. The result is a wall system of unmatched energy efficiency, strength and noise reduction. A structure built with the Amvic Building System is capable of reducing heating and cooling bills more than 50%, also provides superior safety for its occupants, with a continuous wind load rating up to 200 mph, a fire resistance of up to three hours, and a comfortable and quiet atmospherewith a noise rating of STC 50 (almost sound proof).


The Amvic Building System forms are made of EPS foam and polypropylene.

Two EPS panels are connected together with high-density plastic webs. The EPS acts as a form to hold the concrete during placement and curing. After the concrete has cured the EPS acts as insulation. High density polypropylene webs are made from 100% recycled materials and have multiple functions; first, they hold the EPS panels in place during concrete placement; second, they provide a securing surface for the steel used to reinforce the concrete; and third, they provide a 1 1/2 inch wide fastening surface every 6 inches on center for the attachment of interior and exterior finishes, such as, dry wall, siding, etc. The Amvic Building System can be finished on both the interior and exterior in basically the same manner as a conventional stick framed structure.


The 6" web spacing between Amvic's webs  is one of the keys of the incredible strength of the Amvic block.  (most other blocks are commonly 8" or more between webs).   The 865 lbs per square foot of form strength capacity is unmatched by any other ICF block on the market today.  As a consequence Amvic forms can safely be poured full stories at a time of 8,10, 12 or 14 feet. This radically increases the overall strength of the form in its resistance to failure during the pouring and Amvic blocks can be vibrated internally without fear of form failure.


The Amvic Building System consists of straight blocks (48" X 16"), 90-degree corner blocks, 45-degree corner blocks, custom curved blocks and brickledge blocks.    A cavity within the corner of the 90-deg blocks, provides a space to insert a square polypropylene tube that provides a secure fastening surface for corner trim, lathe or sheetrock at corners. The form units have a preformed interlocking mechanism on top, bottom and end edges of each block to secure courses together, prevent movement of the forms during concrete placement and prevent concrete leakage.

Amvic blocks are reversible.  That is, the connecting nubs are both male and female on the top and the bottom of the block and the webs inside have rebar connectors both top and bottom.  In fact there is no "top" or "bottom" in the new FormLockT block -- the blocks look identical when flipped over.   This eliminates the need to calculate and order different left and right corner blocks.  With the FormLockT reversible block, the block is flipped over from one course to another, alternating the long and short legs of a corner to create the running bond offset from one course to the next.  This reversibility allows rip cutoff pieces of block to be reused elsewhere in the structure that in other designs would be thrown away. As a consequence the FormLockT reversible block significantly reduces jobsite waste and reduces the amount of block required for a given job.


Owners of homes built with Amvic Building System enjoy substantial energy savings.   This happens because Amvic walls have a relatively high R-value (R-22.5) and because the concrete in the walls acts as "thermal mass" holding an almost constant temperature, the walls of your home actually "radiate" this temperature to the interior, keeping your home a constant temperature.  When thermal mass and air tightness are considered, Amvic walls perform with the equivalence of an R-50 value.   Also, because the concrete walls are monolithic (made of continuous solid concrete) there is virtually no air circulation through or within the walls, a common problem of stick framing.


We believe the Amvic Building System is the best insulating concrete form on the market. Due to quality, design, pricing, distribution and support, the installed cost is less and quality is better than comparable systems. We deliver a simplified approach to a superior finish product. 


AmDeckAmDeck 3d Model

As North America's leader in ICF wall products, Amvic offers a complementary EPS floor and roof system. The AmDeck® Floor & Roof System consists of modular, lightweight stay-in-place forms made of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) for construction of concrete floors and roofs.

The System utilizes 10 inch, lightweight steel framing studs to carry the temporary construction loads - and to act as furring strips for interior finishing. The ultimate strength and load carrying capacity of the floor are the steel-reinforced concrete drop beams. The system can span 18-20 feet without temporary shoring during the concrete pouring process. Free spans up to 35-40 feet are possible by using temporary shoring. The structural strength of reinforced concrete plus EPS insulation R-value of 20+ perfectly complement your Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) structure together providing a complete structural and thermal "building envelope." An AmDeck roof and exterior deck system with an ICF home is the ultimate in wildfire resistant construction.