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The world of ICF construction is filled with lots of information. Some of it is reliable but some of the stories and myths floating have gotten somewhat warped in the telling and retelling. Part of the solution lies in dealing with a reputable distributor and contractors who can set you straight, and also in doing your own homework. This section provides an array of resource for your homework lessons.


There are numerous resources to answer questions about ICF construction and its advantages and disadvantages.


On our Tech Reports page you'll find test reports including the ICC Evaluation report on Amvic, as well as several extensive reports done by NAHB and HUD that exhaustively test the performance of ICF's.


The Design Guide addresses issues of adapting conventional plans to ICF and architectural considerations and structural engineering requirements.


The Construction and Estimating guides are surprisingly, just what they sound like.

The Professionals page lists architects, designers, draftspersons, engineers, and contractors within our area that are familiar with ICF design and construction.


Lastly, the Links page takes you off to lots of other sites with ICF and concrete construction relevance.


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