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Amvic-Pacific provides a variety of services to assist builders, architects, and homeowners with their ICF concrete home.


These services include:

AMVIC System Installation Training. This is the classroom portion of learning to build with ICF and Amvic and will cover all aspects of planning, estimating, and completing the construction of an AMVIC ICF house. See training schedule. (March 21, 2014; June 20, 2014; September 19, 2014 in Roseville, CA )

Construction assistance with on-site consultants. On a fee basis, we can provide experienced AMVIC ICF contractors to assist in planning and/or to come out on your job site and work with you or your contractor on your first ICF project.

Design Assistance. Within a limited scope, we will provide advice and feasibility analysis on design of structures to be built with ICF. You will have questions in the process and we have answers -- it works out well to get together.

Referrals to ICF-experienced Architects, Designers, Engineers and Builders. There are numerous architects, designers, and engineers in the area that are already experienced in designing for ICF construction. Frequently using one of these referrals will save time and money.

Material take-offs estimates and quotes. From your plans we can do estimates of the block, rebar, and concrete requirements for an AMVIC ICF construction and can quote you delivered pricing on the block to your site. (As an alternative, you can do your own estimate using one of our estimating systems and we can then provide you a quote for the delivered products you'll need.)

Tours of Amvic ICF construction projects in progress.

Full CAD details on line at www.amvicsystem.com